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Dr. Stone Season 3 Release Date, Renewal Status

dr. stone
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The anime was last seen with its second season called 'Stone Wars'. A third season of the anime has yet to be renewed. However, when we put the above data on the scales, a new season is inevitable for the Dr. Stone series. Looking at the interval between seasons, we hope to see a new season of the anime in mid-2023.
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Good Reviews (8.31 on MA, 8.2 on IMDb)
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Multi-season continuity
Good Light Novel Sales (10+ million copies in print)
Big Distributor as HBO, Amazon
Additional Income with the Smarthpone Game
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Synopsis: After five years of platonic feelings, high school student Taiju Ooki finally decides to confess his love for Yuzuriha Ogawa, but when Taiju begins her confession, a blinding green light hits the Earth and turns all the people in the world to stone. Taiju wakes up exactly 3700 years later and finds himself in a completely different world. Nothing remained of his civilization except the petrified people. He begins to search for his love, Yuzuriha, which he has not forgotten for 3700 years. As soon as he finds Yuzuriha’s petrified body, he finds a small note from his best friend, the scientific genius Senku, with his address. The muscular Taijo and the brainpower Senku team up and decide to restore the lost science and civilization. But soon, Senku and Taiju’s plans for civilization will face major obstacles due to their ideological opponents.