high-rise invasion

High-Rise Invasion Season 2 Release Date, Renewal Status

high-rise invasion
Popularity and Renewal Status
Release Date
High-Rise Invasion became hugely popular around the world by airing on Netflix, though not in Japan. However, there is not as much source material for the second season as the material used in the first season. The manga series is no longer running. While the overall ratings aren't very good, its current popularity may give it a second-season chance. A 40% remaining source material is available and may be sufficient for a new season. If there is a renewal, it will be possible to see a new season in 2023 - 2024 in the specified probability.
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Good Popularity Worldwide
Big Distributor as Netflix
Fairly New Anime
Below Average Reviews (6.79 on MA, 6.6 on IMDb)
No Enough Source Material
Low Popularity in Japan
No Best Seller Manga
Only One Season
Renewal Possibility

Synopsis: A high school student named Yuri Honjo suddenly finds himself on top of a skyscraper, and at that time, a masked man on the top of the next building kills a defenseless girl. Yuri then looks for an escape route, but all roads to the ground are closed, and suspension bridges connect the buildings. Yuri Honjo tries to survive in this world and find an escape route.