Noragami Season 3 Release Date, Renewal Status

Popularity and Renewal Status
Release Date
Noragami is a very popular anime. So much so that it is shown as the 20th most popular anime on Myanimelist. However, the elapsed time and the fact that the studio has not been involved in this project for a long time are the biggest factors that reduce the possibilities of the new season. However, as the manga continues, we think there will be a new season of this popular anime in the future. No leaks or announcements for a new season anytime soon. It does not seem possible that we will see a new season before 2023.
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Reader Rating1 Vote
Above Average Reviews (7.98 on MA, 7.9 on IMDb)
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Enough Manga Source Material
Big Distributor as Hulu, Amazon, Apple TV
No Best Seller Manga
No Renewal After 6 Years
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Synopsis: On the border between this realm and the other realm, 8 million gods, dead souls serving the gods, and other helping spirits interfere in people’s affairs. “Hiyori Iki”, a sweet middle school student, endures her classmates’ bullying and goes to the break room and cries alone. She sees a phone number scribbled on the toilet wall and a message saying “I will solve your problems”. After calling the number, a homeless boy in a bathing suit calls himself a god. This boy named Yato is rude, grumpy, lazy, and never listens to anyone’s wishes. But he has the power to be a god, and no one knows it.