The Devil Is a Part-Timer

The Devil Is a Part-Timer Season 2 Release Date, Renewal Status

The Devil Is a Part-Timer
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On March 6, 2021, it was announced that the anime will have a new season. However, the release date has not been officially announced yet. The fact that it hasn't been announced yet means we won't be able to see it in 2021. Prospects point to the Summer of 2022.
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Above Average Reviews (7.8 on MA, 7.7 on IMDb)
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Synopsis: After being badly defeated by Hero Emilia, Demon King Sadao is forced to travel to the other world, aka modern Tokyo. The only thing the demon king possesses is the skills necessary to conquer the world. But his skills are completely useless in the current situation. So he has to work part-time and live his own life.