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the dragon prince
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Although it is not fully considered an anime, The Dragon Prince is a production that is loved by anime lovers indiscriminately. In July 2020, the anime was renewed for a new season. And it's not just a new season. The anime has been renewed for four new seasons, and it has been announced that the series will consist of 7 seasons in total. This is probably the best news for an anime follower. No date has been shared yet for the new season of the anime, but predictions point to the summer of 2022.
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Synopsis: Long ago, the kingdom called Xadia was an enchanting kingdom filled with magic. The Xadia people lived with six primary sources of magic. Sun, moon, stars, sky, earth, and ocean. But a thousand years ago, a human wizard created the seventh source of magic. Black magic. This source of magic, which was used by absorbing the magic powers of magical creatures, was not accepted by the Xadians. Because Black Magic was very dangerous and caused great pain to both the user and the user. Elves and Dragons, who could not stand by this situation, forcibly sent people west to put an end to it and forbade them to enter Xadia. Then they divided the whole continent in two. In the East, the heavenly Xadia, filled with all the sources of magic, and in the West, the human kingdoms are a normal piece of land without magic. For centuries the Dragon King guarded the border. But one day, there was a war between humans and the Dragon King. The Dragon King is dead. But he had eggs behind him. Dragon Prince. Thinking about the future, they killed the baby. Or did they just show it that way?